Our adress

Al. Prymasa Tysiaclecia 81A paw.2

01-242 Warszawa

Tel./ Fax 048 22 746 32 93

Tel. 048 22 746 32 42

Mob. +48 500 100 848

e-mail: office@rgtechnika.pl



R.G. „Technika” s.c. is a rapidly growing manufacturing and service company in the metal industry. The company can offer a professional and comprehensive range of services: turning - milling - grinding and welding.

In our activity we have developed a special tool manufacturing division. We are manufacturer of broaches and spinners for the following profiles:

  • splines on a rectangular outline and outline involute
  • grooves sleeves
  • square holes
  • holes of any shape compatible with the customer's drawing

We make special tools based on the documentation that we have developed or contractor.

We realize the need for serial production and the individual, unit orders.

Since the beginning of the main goals we have set ourselves a professional, timely execution and delivery of high quality services in the field of machining

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